Vaughn Family Farms (VFF) operates in both Arkansas and Missouri with the main ranch located in Mount Vernon, Missouri just thirty minutes west of Springfield on approximately 1,000 acres of beautiful Ozark Prairie grasslands. Our herd consists purebred Beefmaster and Beefmaster Advancer cattle assembled using the most proven and predictable genetics in the Beefmaster, Angus, Red Angus and Charolais breeds.  Our focus to produce cattle maintain the maternal greatness Beefmasters have been developed on and adding increased carcass merit the beef consumer and industry is looking for.  

Beefmaster Cattle have been regarded as one of the elite females in the industry in terms of mothering ability, longevity in the herd and reproductive efficiency since their development in the late 1930's.  Simply said Beefmaster is a "maternal breed".  Studies are now showing Beefmaster cattle happen to excel in terms of feed intake efficiency and dry matter conversion.  Our goal is to continue to increase both quality and yield standards in the bulls we produce so our customers not only are able to have replacement females that will be profitable for years to come, but are able to capitalize on the premium grids available for their steers.

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